I’ll be sharing a short view on BHARTI AIRTEL purely based on Price and Volume.
For the last 15 years the stock was in a consolidation range with Volumes which weren’t convincing.
Another thing to note is the Arrows which i have marked.

All the arrows depict its failure to give a Monthly Close which this month it has passed with flying colours.

Also if you’ll observe the highlighted area on the Volume Part, suddenly there is some interest in the stock and average volume which was 100–150 million has gone up to 275 million ( SMART MONEY ENTERING ?).

The stock hitting All Time High, Given Monthly Close and Rising Volume i feel the journey has just Started.

My eyes are on the same!

Thank You.

Disclaimer : This is not an investment advice.



The King of Market is taking some rest I feel, with rumours of Mr. Mukesh Ambani not well, people are panicking or is it just on the basis of Quarterly Results that Reliance saw a huge selling pressure today.

Let’s keep the Fundamental Aspect to the people who are good…